Money Back Guarantee:

  • Our service is backed by our guarantee of your money back. However you must provide sufficient evidence of your dissatisfaction.
  • All embroidery machines have different settings depending on their brand, model and age. We must be given at least 2 chances to understand your machine settings. If the design is not perfectly stitching in the 3rd attempt, we will return your money back.
  • Different fabrics require different stitch values, it is your responsibility to provide us the correct information about the garment and fabric you are stitching your design on. You must provide the sew out to confirm that you have used the right fabric. Without the scanned sew out verification, your claim will not be accepted.
  • It is your responsibility to check and test your design before stitching or printing on the actual product. We will only return the money which you paid us against the job performed by us. We will not accept any claims for the product damages.
  • Printing a design is different than embroidery; in printing you can make any size and or any color or shade. Embroidery has limitations in text or object sizes and shades.  Our digitizers are trained and experienced to digitize the designs to stitch perfect. However they must be granted a certain privilege to make changes in layout and shaded effects. If you will insist our designers to ignore the standard rules of embroidery and achieve your desired layout or shade, your guarantee will void.
  • The quality of an embroidered design also depends on your machine health or thread adjustments. If that would be the case, we will produce a sew out on our own cost and show it to you to prove that our design is perfect. And your money will not be returned in this case.

If you have any questions or require any further information, pls click here to contact us.